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EQAO & OSSLT Preparation Course with Assistive Technology for Educators

EQAO & OSSLT Preparation Course with Assistive Technology for Educators

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Our instructors have considerable experience assisting students, teachers and parents in the use of ClaroRead, Kurzweil, WordQ, and other Assistive Technology tools to practice successful completion of the EQAO and OSSLT provincial tests.

In this course, teachers will receive 4 sessions of 2.5 hour length to learn how to support students who will be taking the standardized tests with the aid of Assistive Technology.

Our program, process and tools are based on the EQAO / OSSLT assessment guides, including the EQAO Language sample booklets from 2015, that are, in turn, based on the standardized Ontario Language Curriculum assessments.

This EQAO / OSSLT Preparation Course is designed to teach teachers how to assist students to build their level of independence in using Assistive Technology tools as an accommodation so that the students can effectively demonstrate their knowledge on the standardized tests.

The EQAO / OSSLT prep course is designed to make use of assistive software programs such as Read and Write for Google, Kurzweil 3000 and ClaroRead to be used in test taking. The methods and strategies utilized with educators and learners are a combination of student-centered directive and experiential approaches.

Our instructors are well-versed in the EQAO processes, guidebooks and the Ministry of Education expectations to assist students in simulations, indirect instruction and test strategies. Teachers will learn how to support students as they develop their abilities to confidently and skillfully succeed in the completion of a standardized test. This training includes resources made available in-class for students/teachers and online supplementary tools and documentation.

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