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DMPE2, SpeechWare FlexyMike & Speechmatic USB Multi Adaptor

DMPE2, SpeechWare FlexyMike & Speechmatic USB Multi Adaptor

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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is a speech recognition system that allows clinicians in busy practices to quickly dictate patient notes into any Electronic Medical Record. This version offers improved accuracy and speed — the fastest and most accurate Dragon Medical Practice Edition ever, expanded support for regional accents, and 90 medical specialty vocabularies to choose from. Bundle includes one year of software maintenance.

SpeechWare FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid - Ultra Lightweight Earhook Microphone for maximum comfort. Similar to the FlexyMike Dual Ear model, the FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid microphone increases background noise suppression by using a cardioid capsule in the microphone. The unidirectional cardioid microphone has the most sensitivity directly in front of the microphone and is much less sensitive to sounds originating behind the microphone, thereby reducing the impact of background noise and preventing feedback.

SpeechWare SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter - A uniquely high-quality external sound adapter for the serious speech recognition user. For those preferring to use a headset microphone but desiring the advanced features of the circuitry in the TableMikes and TravelMike, this is the simple way to supercharge your current mic by adding the Auto Gain Control and Equalizer technology to your current product.

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