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ClaroRead Standard for Mac - Download

$199.00 CAD

Reading toolbar with literacy support

ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence.

With all the main features of ClaroRead for PC, ClaroRead for Mac is the ideal literacy support tool for Mac users. ClaroRead for Mac can read practically any on-screen text out loud, and is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

With ClaroRead scanned books and documents are read back with complete clarity. A wide range of visual tools are included to colour, highlight and focus on text as it is spoken by the computer. ClaroRead improves written accuracy with an enhanced spell check, homophone check and thesaurus. Words can also be spoken back as they are typed.

ClaroRead is easily customised to suit individual needs – making it the ideal companion for learning and working.

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