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Jabra Pro 9450 Mono Flex Headset with Phone/PC Switch

$449.00 CAD

One headset for all phones.

Take every call on the same headset. Connects to your desk phone and computer for use with softphones or speech recognition software such as Dragon.  Includes a SmartSetup wizard that guides you through the connection process.

Outstanding audio quality.
Best-in-class noise cancellation and acoustic protection. Your calls will sound great - even in the noisiest of offices.

  • Noise Blackout™: Earphones and microphone are specially designed to reduce background noise.
  • Flexible microphone boom positions the microphone close to your mouth to further reduce background noise.
  • Digital Signal Processing and HD Voice make your calls more intelligible and lifelike.
  • SafeTone™ technology automatically counters unexpected spikes in volume and protects your ears.

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